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My first publication!

So over Thanksgiving break, I did some research and thought it would be cool to publish something. I decided to create a blank, lined journal/notebook to "test the waters". Welllll guess what? It's done, reviewed and published!!

I struggled at first, because I thought it would be quite easy but then I realized it's not a simple create-and-submit project. You have to figure out the margin situation based off of Amazon's specs (if you're using Amazon KDP).

Fast forward, the journal was supposed to be smaller, but I ended up making it larger instead. It actually worked out, because I have TONS of small journals, but they are hard to write recipes/ideas in and they end up falling apar at some point.

Sprinkles of Thoughts is 8.5 x 11", full color, and 101 pages. There is plenty of room to write and it's just adorable. There are sprinkles on the pages and cute, quirky baking humor throughout.

I worked really hard on this...hopefully I can work on a book one day.

Enjoy and thank you in advance for your support!

Click the link to go to MY FIRST PUBLICATION!

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