We are here to make your occasion special.  From the wedding cake to the rest of your wedding sweets, we will provide you with an edible memory to last a lifetime!  Our cakes are baked fresh, using quality ingredients and are the chef's original recipes.


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Wedding Cake Flavors

Wedding Cake Consultations 

Formal Tastings

For $40 plus tax, you and your significant other can try up to four cake flavors.  

You can try more flavors for an additional fee-$5 per flavor

Tastings should be intimate and seating is limited, so we request that only 2 people partake in the tasting.  If you need to bring additional guests, please let us know in advance.  

To-Go Tastings

 For $20 plus tax, you will get a box of samples (as stated above).






  • ​$50 non-refundable deposit                                                          retainer to reserve your date



  • Rustic Naked Cakes start at $4.00/serving 

  • Buttercream Cakes start at $6.00/serving

  • Buttercream with Fondant (we flavor it) Cakes start at $8.00/serving

  • Delivery and set up is FREE for cakes over $400*

  • FREE 4 inch, 1 year anniversary cake

  • Let us make your groom's cake, favors, bridal shower cake, engagement party desserts, anniversary cake and mini wedding pastries as well!  

  • Prices vary based on the design

  • We do not offer cake cutting     *Terms and conditions apply

  • Ask about our vegan, dairy free, sugar free and gluten free options







Vanilla Bean-Madagascar vanilla bean cake with creamy vanilla buttercream

     *Add a layer of jam or fresh fruit

Almond-Almond cake with vanilla or amaretto buttercream

     *Add a layer of jam or fresh fruit

Cookie Dough-Vanilla cake with layers of vanilla buttercream and chocolate chip cookie dough

      *Add a layer of dark or milk chocolate ganache

Biscoff-Vanilla butter cake with pieces of Biscoff cookies and creamy Biscoff and Biscoff buttercream

Brown Butter Pecan-Toasted pecan cake layered with brown butter buttercream

Dutch Chocolate-Chocolate cake layered with silky chocolate buttercream

     *Add a layer of dark, milk, white chocolate ganache, or raspberry jam

Lemon-Lemon cake with fresh lemon zest with white chocolate buttercream

     *Add a layer of lemon curd, raspberry or blueberry jam

Banana Pudding-Banana cake with layers of vanilla custard cream and crushed Nilla Wafers 

Carrot Cake-Spiced carrot cake with cream cheese icing

     *Add a layer of caramel or white chocolate goat cheese ganache

Caramel-Vanilla butter cake layered with salted caramel buttercream

Cookies and Cream-Vanilla cake with pieces of Oreo cookies and cookie buttercream

     *Add a layer of dark chocolate ganache

Marble-Swirls of vanilla and dark chocolate cake with layers of peanut butter and chocolate buttercream

Nutella-Vanilla butter cake with a layer of creamy Nutella and Nutella buttercream

Pumpkin-Spiced pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing

Spice-Cake with spices layered with cream cheese or caramel buttercream

     *Add a layer of dulce de leche

Red velvet- Layered with cream cheese or white chocolate buttercream

      *Add a layer of dark or milk chocolate ganache

Maple Bacon-Brown sugar cake layered with maple buttercream and bits of bacon

Key Lime-Vanilla cake with Key West key lime buttercream

     *Add a layer of jam or key lime curd

Matcha-Green tea cake with vanilla buttercream

     *Add a layer of fresh strawberries

Pina Colada-coconut cake with a layer of pineapple filling and vanilla buttercream

Mississippi Mud-Chocolate espresso cake layered with coffee buttercream

     *Add a layer of dark, milk or white chocolate ganache

Berry Chantilly-Vanilla cake with layers of light mascarpone whipped cream and berry filling

Strawberry-Strawberry cake layered with cream cheese or sparkling wine flavored buttercream

      *Add a layer of strawberry filling

Flavors can be customized

*Add ons are an extra fee

**Sweet American, Swiss Meringue buttercream, or stabilized whipped cream (flavors are limited)

How much work is involved to make a wedding cake?

Planning-what is needed to produce the cake and design, paper/ink for printing, materials, meetings

Supplies-Cake drum (thick board the cake goes on), cake cardboards (goes under each tier for support), support rods in tiers, support dowel through whole cake, cake boxes (depends on size, keeping top tier, etc), design, shipping fees

Ingredients-for cake, for buttercream, and design

Cake production-normally a 2-day process, but there may be decorations that need to be ordered or handmade ahead of time; pounds of icing has to be made, pounds of cake batter mixed, baked, chilled, torted (layered), filled, crumb coat icing, final layer icing, doweled, stacked, decorations

Utilities-baking, storage, cleaning

Gas-to and from venue, to get supplies and ingredients, meetings

Set up-transporting, placement, arranging flowers/toppers, photos, assistant, cleaning

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